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The energy transition, together with developments in industry and society, challenge traditional ways to plan and operate the grid. Existing tools are no longer sufficient to fully deliver the grid services in a timely and efficient way.

Just as no-one can assume that the grid is a big copper-plate, network companies need to revise the tools used to provide its services. Here flexibility will be key!

Planning and operation of the grid must embrace flexibility, and in conjunction with existing tools also deploy the full set of flexibility tools – not as an exception but as the mainstream way of managing the grid.

Tools like risk-based network planning, dynamic rating of assets, network tariffs, demand (and generation) response, EV, flexibility trading platforms and integration of other energy networks are all key aspects of efficient utilisation of the electrical grid, which in turn make it possible to meet the consumer's electricity requirements.

In order not to sub-optimise, the coordination between DSOs and TSOs will need to evolve. The CIRED workshop focuses on these tools, how they can be implemented and what is hindering the move to flexibility as the default.

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